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If you want to create a full experience for your customer, you can let our design studio in Haarlem, near Amsterdam, develop a unique interior design for your retail or hospitality location. With our designs we mostly focus on bars, restaurants, hotels, stores and general offices. Do you want your company to have an interior that is inviting for customers as well as employees? Studio Vil is happy to help.

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The best customer experience with an interior of our design studio nearby Amsterdam

We create our interior designs from scratch or based on an existing formula. When developing these designs, we always keep the identity and history of your brand in mind. By combining a recognizable interior design with an element of surprise, our studio creates the best brand experience for the retail or hospitality customer in Haarlem or Amsterdam. It is important that the interior is not just nice furniture and colors, but that it really creates an experience. It must be inviting to the customer and make them want to come back a second time to discover more. At Studio Vil, we put all our passion and creativity in the designs to reach these goals.

A full understanding of your brand identity

It is important to fully understand the identity and history of your brand before creating the best possible interior. Only this way, our studio can develop a design that creates a unique experience for the retail or hospitality customer nearby Amsterdam. That’s why we always start our project with a intake on your history and what you wish to stand for. We discuss your wishes, our ideas and your brand in a personal conversation before starting the creative process.

Let us create the best possible interior for your brand

Do you want us to create a unique customer experience and a design that fits your retail or hospitality location in Amsterdam or surroundings? Our design studio has already finished some great projects that created a unique experience for the customers of our clients. Do you have any questions about our process or about the possibilities we offer? Please contact us via +31(0)626330346 or info@studiovil.com.