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Hospitality design in Haarlem

If you want to give the interior of your hospitality location a great new design, you can contact our design studio in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam. We develop interior designs for restaurants, bars and hotels, but also for stores and offices. Our designs are a combination of our own creativity and the identity, history and future of your brand. That way, we create a unique experience for your customers.

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Your hospitality location in Haarlem or Amsterdam deserves the best interior design


Do you own a restaurant, bar or hotel and do you want to recreate an unique interior design for a better customer experience? Studio Vil in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam, develops a design that fits the identity of your hospitality location perfectly and combines it with a twist of surprise. By combining your style with ours, we always create a unique interior design that will definitely lead to a better customer experience. In a personal conversation, you can tell us more about the history and vision of your brand and what you would like to stand for in the future. With this information we create the best possible design for your hospitality location in Haarlem or Amsterdam.

Take a look at our previous projects


If you are curious to what we can offer your hospitality location in Amsterdam or Haarlem, you can always take a look at our previous projects online. We have designed various interiors for restaurants, bars, hotels, stores and offices. Do you want us to change your interior as well? Please contact us by calling +31(0)626330346 or by sending an e-mail to info@studiovil.com.