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We create a new office design in Haarlem

If you wish a different interior for your office, our design studio in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam, is happy to help. We create designs for offices, but also for hospitality and retail locations. Our team has a passion for interior design and combines that passion with creativity to develop the best possible designs to fulfill your wishes. Discover the possibilities of Studio Vil and let us create the best experience for your customers.

Office Design
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Office Design

A new office design for your company in Haarlem or Amsterdam


An office is not just a building where your employees can work. It is a place that shows the identity of your brand, and it gives a first impression of your company to customers and (future) employees. That’s why it’s important to have an interior that represents the vision of your company and shows what you stand for as a brand. At Studio Vil, we understand this more than anything. Our team works hard to create an interior design, with a twist of surprise, for your office in Haarlem or Amsterdam that represents your brand. We focus on a logical flow and the right use of illumination to create the best possible design your company can wish for.

Give your customers and employees a unique experience


An interior can be so much more than just some furniture and matching colors. At Studio Vil in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam, we are dedicated to create a unique design for your office, store, restaurant, bar or hotel. For more information, please contact us by calling +31(0)626330346 or by sending an e-mail to info@studiovil.com.