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A new restaurant design created in Haarlem

At Studio Vil, we can give the interior of your restaurant a beautiful new design, whether it is in Haarlem or Amsterdam. Our team has a great passion for interior design, and we use our creativity to guarantee the best possible result for your interior. We mainly focus on hospitality and retail locations such as restaurants, bars, hotels and stores. Do you want us to create a new astonishing interior for your office? Our experts don’t shy away from a challenge.

Restaurant design Haarlem
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Restaurant design Haarlem

A new restaurant interior by our design studio in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam


If you own a restaurant, you surely want it to be inviting for customers. At our design studio in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam, we develop an interior that will not only look beautiful, but also shows the identity of your restaurant. Before we start a project, we have a full intake on the history and vision of your brand. That way, we can create something that your customers will recognise. We also add some surprising elements to astonish your customers. They most definitely want to come back a second time after experiencing your new interior design. The same applies for other locations, such as hotels and stores. Every project will be treated differently to gain the best result.

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Do you want to hire our design studio in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam, to create a new interior design for your restaurant? Please contact us via +31(0)626330346 or info@studiovil.com and discover the possibilities for your restaurant. Are you curious about our previous projects? You can discover them online.