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If you want to give your store a new interior design, you can always contact Studio Vil in Haarlem, nearby Amsterdam. Our team is experienced in developing interiors from scratch or based on existing formulas and gladly develops the interior design of your store, office, bar, restaurant or hotel as well. Discover the endless possibilities of our design studio and give your store a new look.

Retail & Store Design
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Retail & Store Design

We create new store design for your location in Haarlem or Amsterdam


Our design studio works on various projects in retail and hospitality, but we can also create an interior design for your office. Do you want to change the interior design of your store in Haarlem or Amsterdam? We are happy to help. By combining the identity and history of your brand with some surprising elements, we create a recognizable design that invites customers to come back and discover more. To fully understand the identity, history and vision of your company, we always start our projects with a full intake on your brand. After discovering your wishes and vision, we start the project by letting our creativity flow.

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To get the most out of the interior design of your store in Haarlem or Amsterdam, you can contact Studio Vil. We are experts in developing new interiors for stores and can do this for your retail location as well. Are you interested in our services? Please contact us via +31(0)626330346 or info@studiovil.com and ask for more information about the possibilities.