Studio Vil is a design studio which aims on the development of interiors from scratch or based on existing formulas.

Projects fulfilled are within Retail, Hospitality and the design of offices in general.  More than just the development of the interior, what we develop should reflect your brand, your vision, your identity.

We focus on a brand experience for your customers as soon as they enter your office, your Retail location, your restaurant, hotel or bar.

Recognition is a key factor in what we do, but with a twist of surprise. The surprise should make your clients wonder what there is more to experience. But then again, the recognition confirms to them that it is still you.

Thinking further than the obvious, within the options of today, considering the history of yesterday. Studio Vil started with the idea that an interior is more than nice furniture, a pretty vase, matching colors on the walls, using quality fabrics.

We focus on a logical flow, the right use of illumination, using props adding on your vision, specific colors which are tempting and items which are coming back in how you want to present yourself. Reflecting you, your image, your history, your future.

Recognition starts for us in understanding you as our client. Doing a full intake on your history and what you wish to stand for. But then again, we will surprise you too in how we combine your personal view on what you stand for with the unexpectedness with what we see as an additional value.

Feel free to contact us how we can surprise you!